What Makes You Successful?

It’s important to recognize your employees as a valuable team. Of course every company wants to be successful and have a “winning team.”  But what exactly are the components of a winning team?

Team Members

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InOrder ERP Saves Time and Reduces Errors With Efficient Access to Functions

Many software programs provide right-click menus to access functions between windows. With InOrder ERP, this feature allows users to be more efficient, rather than having them open and close various windows to do the same tasks.

You would typically see right-click menu options when they’re convenient to use for related functions. For example, InOrder provides a right-click menu for related functions when entering orders. This makes it efficient for Customer Service Representatives to perform additional tasks while they’re assisting customers with order entry. The options on the right-click menu can allow orders to be shipped, cancelled, changed, or other order-related functions can be completed.


While looking up orders for a customer, the right-click menu can also be used to fill an order, repeat it, edit it, or return it, among several other time-saving options, such as sending an invoice or an Email. You can even use this as an opportunity to customize right-click options to fit your business procedures.


Right-click menu options are time-savers and can minimize human errors. Be sure to include them in your on-going training for your ERP system.

Contact us for more information about InOrder.


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Does Your ERP System Validate Address Data?

When you ship orders and don’t validate the shipping addresses, you risk delivery delays if an address is incorrect, the added cost of additional shipping expenses and operating costs to get it right, not to mention unhappy customers. If the product is perishable, you might even have to add the cost of replacement.

For example – A business shipped perishable goods to a customer who provided an inaccurate shipping address. This, of course, delayed delivery of the order. Since the order was perishable, it did not arrive in good condition. The error was not the fault of the business; however, the business was faced with a very unhappy customer, resulting in the loss of future sales to that customer. This all could have been avoided if the address was validated during order entry.

Costs associated with these situations can be reduced or avoided with address validation. While this might not be something you have given much thought to, it is very necessary….not to mention the money and customers it can save you in the long run.

InOrder ERP integrates with the Pro On-Demand Address Verification services from Experian. This service uses a contemporary address validation technique, providing 24-hour address validation service in real-time via the Internet. If an address is entered with missing information, the Experian address validation even displays possible matches for the user to select.

InOrder currently supports the Experian address validation for USA, Canada, and USA with residential/commercial flag. If you would like additional information about using the Experian address validation with InOrder ERP, please contact sales@morsedata.com.


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Prioritize These Requirements to Help Choose Your New ERP System

When looking for a new ERP System, wouldn’t it be nice if you were up and running fast, the system was affordable, and it actually fulfilled all of your business needs? It isn’t easy to find it all in one package. So, when looking for your new system, you might be tempted to settle for less, which could cause problems in the long-run.

So what do you do?

It’s helpful to prioritize your requirements so you can track what’s most important to your business. Try organizing your requirements into small groups. Here are some examples to think about.

  • Affordable & Fast – This is important when you need something quickly and within your budget. You can use the system “out of the box” with no immediate custom programming. This option gives you time to work with the system and add to it as your business grows.
  • Fast & Meets Your Needs – This is useful when you can work with the vendor to get what’s important to your business within a specific time-frame. Top-notch support is key.
  • Meets Your Needs & Affordable – This option can also give you time to work with the system before customizing. This is great when you have time for implementation and can think about custom features.

When searching for a new ERP system, all three of the above are important considerations, and none of them should be overlooked.

I think everyone agrees that there is no substitute for Quality. Make sure the system can growth with your business, at the pace of your business. And be sure to choose a dedicated Team with great leaders who are there to support you.

Request a free demo to see how InOrder meets ALL of your requirements!

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What Makes You Successful?

Your products, your services, your location, your tools, and of course, your employees. All of these help your business succeed. And as it’s important to properly train your employees to protect your business, it’s just as important to recognize them as a valuable team. Of course every company wants to be successful and have a “winning team.”  But what exactly are the components of a winning team?

  • Every Team should have clear leadership. No one can carry the load of an entire organization on their shoulders.
  • Every Team should consist of the right Team members.  The right team will consist of a group of people with various skills that all work together towards a set of shared goals.   It may take some time to find the right team, but once they are in place, they are invaluable.
  • Every Team member should show respect for each other and their views, whether opposing or not.  Every Team member should feel comfortable voicing their opinion and all other Team members should be open to change and listening to new ideas.
  • Every Team should have processes in place that have been documented and shared.  If everyone knows the process and it is followed correctly, the Team will be successful.
  • Every Team should have the right tools to do their job most efficiently.  From the software you purchase to the hardware you are using, these are critical components of making sure your Team is working at their top potential.
  • Every Team should share accountability for their successes and failures.
  • Every Team should rally when successes are achieved and learn from failures.  That is the only way you will grow.
  • Every Team member should feel important as an integral part of company growth.  This is achieved with trust, loyalty and recognition.

Just as a reminder, be sure to thank your Team today.  I’m sure they are awesome.

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Cyber Security Awareness

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and a good time to remind everybody about how vulnerable sensitive information can be if we’re not vigilant about protecting it.

Employees play an important part in cyber security, and it’s important that they have a thorough understanding of the importance of cyber security as it relates to your business.

Halock Security Labs, information security advisors based in Illinois, provides free posters with security tips that you can download and display for use in your office. These clever-posters are designed to keep your personnel aware of proper security practices while using the internet, mobile devices, Email attachments, handling information, and more.

Halock Poster

It’s scary out there. I’ll never look at a mouse the same way again. Check out the posters here.

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Welcome Aboard, Joe!

We are pleased to introduce Joe Banass as the newest full time member of our Development Team.

Joe has been with Morse Data as an intern since last May. He completed his finals from DePaul University in November and has earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the College of Computing and Digital Media.

Joe is one of many college interns who have decided to make Morse Data their home and we are excited to have him on board.

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IRCE 2014

IRCE 2014 was a great opportunity to connect with our partners, like Endicia, Avalara, Advanced Pricing Logic, USA Fulfillment, UPS, Cybersource (to name just a few), and meet some of the faces behind the email addresses.

Since it was a local event, we were able to pop in and out as our schedules permitted, which is always a plus.  We were able to connect with some of our current clients who were also onsite and stopped by to say “Hi,” which was an added benefit.

I think everyone would agree that it was time well spent and the start of some lasting relationships.

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New Custom Shopping Cart Upgrade Service

We are excited to be offering a custom shopping cart upgrade service to our clients who have InOrder eCommerce full .Net Module Software Support, along with a recent version of the InOrder real-time eCommerce Web shopping cart that has been customized.

This new service includes the following and is tailored to each client’s specific needs:

  • Registration of custom web cart changes when submitted to Morse Data Corporation
  • Periodic upgrades to the customized InOrder web cart with the latest InOrder updates provided by Morse Data web cart experts who know the InOrder software and ensure nothing has been missed

This benefit allows in-house staff, third party developers, or Morse Data developers to continue making changes to customized shopping cart content with personalized look and feel. At the same time, web customers receive new InOrder eCommerce capabilities as they become available with the InOrder platform upgrades.

Pricing is based a website’s level of customization and options selected. Clients who are interested are encouraged to contact Morse Data Corporation’s Technical Office for details at 1-800-860-9515 and request a free cart analysis to determine pricing. If sign up occurs before October 31, 2013, the one-time startup fee will be reduced by 50%.

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Morse Data Internship Program Gives College Students Experience

If you believe in people and give them the opportunity to gain experience and skills, it encourages people to learn and grow. This invaluable gift has been the philosophy of Morse Data Corporation since its inception in 1975.

Jim Morse, our founder and CEO, first hired Tony Marchese as a college intern in the fall of 1985 while he was attending the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. Tony went on to earn a minor in Management and a Masters in Computer Science. Tony has been with Morse Data ever since, and is now the Vice President of Systems Software for the Orland Park office. Since then, Morse Data has been responsible for providing “wings” to several college interns and continues to do so today under Tony’s direction.

To quote one of our current interns, “I have learned more here at Morse Data than I could ever learn in a classroom setting.” We’re proud to be an employer who believes in paid internships, money which provides our interns with a little extra cash to help defray their skyrocketing college costs. We’re also happy to give our interns experience — especially now in a job market where employers want to hire those with experience.

We’ve seen many interns come and go over the years and a few have decided to make Morse Data their home. Doug Kasper was a Morse Data college intern during 2009 – 2011. He’s now a full time employee and is responsible for assisting in the development of the InOrder desktop along with the web cart and our corporate website, getinorder.com. Doug impressed us with his eagerness to learn and has made a tremendous contribution to many of the InOrder software changes that have helped further our clients’ needs. To quote Doug, “The experience gained at Morse Data is second to none.”

Jeff Grandt has been in our college intern program for the last two years. Jeff is pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago and is looking forward to graduation in 2014. Jeff has been a tremendous help with our corporate website and has often been called upon to assist with special projects and bug fixes.

Our newest intern is Dennis Lynch. Dennis, a freshman at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, joined us in May. He’s pursuing majors in Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as in Computer Science. He was also valedictorian of his Senior Class at Marist High School — so we’re thrilled he chose to share his summer with us at Morse Data.

Sadly we will be saying goodbye to Adeel Qureshi who will be graduating in June from DePaul University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Adeel has been our “go-to” person to assist with changes needed in our software and he will be sorely missed. We wish him the best and know that the experience we have provided will allow him to flourish and grow as he pursues future opportunities.

If you know someone — maybe you! — who would be a great fit as an intern at Morse Data, feel free to submit your resume via the Careers tab on our Website or send an email to careers@morsedata.com.

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