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What Makes You Successful?

Your products, your services, your location, your tools, and of course, your employees. All of these help your business succeed. And as it’s important to properly train your employees to protect your business, it’s just as important to recognize them as a valuable team. Of course every company wants to be successful and have a “winning team.”  But what exactly are the components of a winning team?

  • Every Team should have clear leadership. No one can carry the load of an entire organization on their shoulders.
  • Every Team should consist of the right Team members.  The right team will consist of a group of people with various skills that all work together towards a set of shared goals.   It may take some time to find the right team, but once they are in place, they are invaluable.
  • Every Team member should show respect for each other and their views, whether opposing or not.  Every Team member should feel comfortable voicing their opinion and all other Team members should be open to change and listening to new ideas.
  • Every Team should have processes in place that have been documented and shared.  If everyone knows the process and it is followed correctly, the Team will be successful.
  • Every Team should have the right tools to do their job most efficiently.  From the software you purchase to the hardware you are using, these are critical components of making sure your Team is working at their top potential.
  • Every Team should share accountability for their successes and failures.
  • Every Team should rally when successes are achieved and learn from failures.  That is the only way you will grow.
  • Every Team member should feel important as an integral part of company growth.  This is achieved with trust, loyalty and recognition.

Just as a reminder, be sure to thank your Team today.  I’m sure they are awesome.

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InOrder ERP Supports New USPS Rates and Services

USPS has announced price changes for First-Class Mail Parcel and a new Priority Mail Express International service to Cuba. These changes begin on August 28, 2016.

If you use the Endicia software (or any other shipping manifest) to interface to InOrder, contact your vendor to confirm it is updating these rates.

If you charge pre-computed rates based on published shipping rates, please obtain the new rates from USPS and be sure to import them into InOrder before August 28. For assistance importing these rates, please contact InOrder Customer Support.


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Useful Articles for Your Business

Nothing beats showing your potential customers how your product works.  Adding video increases sales, lowers cart abandonment, and helps you stand apart from your competition.

Increase web store sales with how-to videos

Do you know what your customers expect from you? A study by IBM explores customer expectations, and this article discusses what it means for your business.

Are Your Customer-Facing Systems and People Meeting Expectations?

You won’t use drones to fulfill orders, but are they right for your warehouse?

Drones and Robots in the Warehouse

Shoppers want to know what they’re buying before they buy it. They want to know if they’ll like a product, how it works, and what others think about it. They also want to know about you.

Embrace your Comparison Shoppers


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Single Function ERP Licenses Provide Cost-Effective User Menu Options

Did you know that InOrder ERP offers single function user licenses for Customer Service, Point of Sale, RF Managers, RF Users, Warehouse Quality Control, and Job Data Capture? When you have the license for the underlying module or enhancement, these types of licenses can save you money over full user licenses. For example, if you have the Inbound Contact Management Module, then you can purchase single-function licenses for Customer Service users with only the Customer Service window on that user’s menu. When this user logs in, that type of license will be allocated instead of a Full InOrder User license, which has access to all purchased modules and enhancements. Because these licenses are less expensive than Full User licenses, this is useful for dedicated users in the call center, the retail store, the warehouse, or on the manufacturing floor.

Quality Control users can have either Receipt QC or Pack Verification on their InOrder menu.

Like the InOrder Customer Service license, the Job Data Capture license has a lower price point, enabling you to cost-effectively deploy data capture stations throughout your manufacturing floor and warehouse. For this license type, the user’s menu can have access to one or more of the following windows: Materials Used, Time Capture, Timesheets, and Services Rendered. This is well-suited for data capture, since the InOrder Job Cost Module is great for:

  • MRP Tracking in your manufacturing plant or bindery
  • Multi-department tracking of new products from concept or manuscript, up through release or publication
  • Fulfillment client billing of warehouse services
  • Data capture for feed to an external payroll system

All of these licenses support Crystal Reports or portal URLs, such as SQL Server Reporting Services reports on their menus.  These are never counted towards user licensing. In fact, if these are the only things on a user’s menu, then that user does not count at all towards the licensed user count.

Contact Morse Data Sales if you are interested in adding any of these licenses for your InOrder Job Cost Module.

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