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New Custom Shopping Cart Upgrade Service

We are excited to be offering a custom shopping cart upgrade service to our clients who have InOrder eCommerce full .Net Module Software Support, along with a recent version of the InOrder real-time eCommerce Web shopping cart that has been customized.

This new service includes the following and is tailored to each client’s specific needs:

  • Registration of custom web cart changes when submitted to Morse Data Corporation
  • Periodic upgrades to the customized InOrder web cart with the latest InOrder updates provided by Morse Data web cart experts who know the InOrder software and ensure nothing has been missed

This benefit allows in-house staff, third party developers, or Morse Data developers to continue making changes to customized shopping cart content with personalized look and feel. At the same time, web customers receive new InOrder eCommerce capabilities as they become available with the InOrder platform upgrades.

Pricing is based a website’s level of customization and options selected. Clients who are interested are encouraged to contact Morse Data Corporation’s Technical Office for details at 1-800-860-9515 and request a free cart analysis to determine pricing. If sign up occurs before October 31, 2013, the one-time startup fee will be reduced by 50%.

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InOrder’s RF Communication System Supports any Internet-Capable Device

The InOrder RF communication system efficiently handles inventory through real-time inventory tasks, improving productivity and control for major warehouse functions. And we’ve just made it more impressive.

If you are at a client’s office and he or she needs to know how much stock you have on hand of a particular item, how long will it take you to 1) call your office, 2) wait to be connected to the person who can look up the information (assuming that person is available when you call), and 3) wait for the information? Wouldn’t it be much more professional (and impressive) if you could simply check quantity and reserve inventory from your phone or tablet?

You can with InOrder’s RF Module. The InOrder RF communication system provides productivity and control for major warehouse functions using any internet-capable device, including your mobile phone or tablet.

InOrder recognizes barcode scanning or keypad entry, using a touch screen, shortcut keys, and any combination of these methods to communicate with your RF devices.

The advantage of using InOrder RF gives you more choices in hardware, flexibility, and freedom to keep up with the latest technology. You can leave the boundaries of the warehouse without compromising the efficiency of the traditional RF process.

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Increase Web Traffic and Search Results with the Right Content

It’s no secret that content increases search results and traffic to your website, but how does that happen?

It happens by adding content so useful that readers turn to you for information. Content such as blog articles, videos, product reviews, whitepapers, industry articles, and advice. Here are some ideas:

  • If customers call with questions, put the most frequently asked questions and answers on your website.
  • Make a video giving your customers a tour of your facility, or showing how to use one of your products. We show you how in this article.
  • Implement reviews, ratings, comments, etc. for your products and services. This can create an abundance of relevant and useful content! Read more about the benefits of Customer Feedback on your website.
  • Be an expert. If you have advice you can share about your industry, publish a whitepaper.
  • Can you offer tips and tricks to your customers? If so, post them on your blog, and invite your customers to add their tips.

All of this adds relevant and helpful content to your website. Do you have more to add to this list? Leave your comments here.


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