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Does Your ERP Software Embrace Your Comparison Shoppers?

People research products. As shoppers, we check out all our options. We gather information about what’s available, we read reviews, and then we decide where to shop.

Shoppers want to know what they’re buying before they buy it. They want to know if they’ll like a product, how it works, and what others think about it. They also want to know about you. They need to know that their information is safe with you and that their purchases will arrive quickly and without incident. They look for opinions before they shop, while they’re shopping, and when they’re finished, they tell others all about the product and their shopping experience.

Motivate shoppers to use your website for researching your products and make it easy for them to buy from you by providing what they need.

Build confidence and trust

Add a social aspect to your website that keeps your shoppers involved. Keep them engaged with Ratings, Reviews, Comments, and Q&A. Reply to feedback, add comments to a thread, encourage questions, and offer suggestions.

InOrder ERP Ratings and ReviewsFurther engage your customers with the InOrder Email Communications Enhancement. Thank them for their purchases, and invite them to rate the products they purchased or add their comments.

Set up a page of FAQs about your products, with answers for information purposes. You can also provide a place for your customers to ask questions with answers contributed by your experts or other customers.

With full control over feedback, you can allow customers to post directly to your website, or you can approve or edit reviews and comments before publishing them.

Increase participation

Interact with your shoppers and help keep them involved in the shopping experience.

InOrder Product QAYou can even create a community where shoppers can share information and ideas about your products. There are many ways to encourage participation in your web store community. Here are some examples:

If you sell parts for antique cars, you can start a thread about local car shows and invite customers to post pictures of their cars with your parts.

If you sell fishing equipment, you can define a forum about fishing equipment and start a thread about fishing lures. Or, explain different types of fishing poles and what type of fishing each are used for, such as ice fishing, or salmon fishing, etc. Invite customers to post pictures of fish they caught with your products.

Forums, FAQs, and other community pages can be created at the category level, or they can be created at the product level so you can have details specific to a product.

Rather than outsource these features, implement them with InOrder’s built-in functions that tie your products with reviews and your customers, keeping the details all in one place so you don’t have to maintain it in separate systems. All this participation also contributes to your search content. When shoppers search for reviews and find your site in their search results, your website has a better chance of being seen. Shouldn’t your website be the one they go to for trusted information – and final purchase – when making informed decisions?

Good ERP Systems have everything you need to run your business. From ordering your inventory, to setting up your web store, to taking and processing orders, to paying your bills, and so much more. Make sure you’re using it to its fullest potential – and to yours.

For more information about InOrder, contact Morse Data Corporation.

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Coming Soon: New InOrder User Interface

The Morse Data Development Team has released details about a new project (code name “Dynasty”), which will migrate InOrder into a web-based user interface with .NET.

The new programs will expedite the development process, improve usability for our clients, and enhance portability of the software. This furthers our on-going vision of enhancing the user experience, and it enables an expedited development process by using the same technologies that currently exist in our RF application and our responsive mobile cart.

Dynasty features the ability to re-size any windows, support for CSS-based interface customization, and the ability to run InOrder on any browser-enabled device.

This is the third system re-write by Morse Data in over 40 years, but this one is different because it enables us and our InOrder users to fully leverage their existing InOrder investment. The database tier and the logic tier are rock-solid, and already take advantage of the latest capabilities offered by SQL Server 2014, such as AlwaysOn Availability Clustering. This rewrite only affects the user interface tier, which is being completely re-built to take advantage of the latest object programming platforms and techniques that were not available when the desktop client was initially developed.

The Dynasty rollout will occur in phases, beginning with warehouse components to compliment the recently-completed web-based InOrder RF Interface. The phased release schedule will begin mid-2016, with completion expected in 2017. This rollout will be released to existing InOrder customers as updates become available. The new interface will initially overlap with capabilities of the existing client/server based desktop programs, which will be replaced when functional equivalence is achieved.

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At-a-Glance Snapshot of Item with InOrder Enterprise Management Software

We say a lot about the eCommerce and Customer Service functions of InOrder. Along with everything else, the foundation of the InOrder system is its order processing and inventory, which brings you a number of benefits that permit you to process orders and track inventory under a variety of scenarios. This flexibility keeps inventory accurate at all times and provides the order department with the tools they need for fast and accurate order processing.

InOrder’s Inventory system is functional and practical. You can check everything you need to know about an item from one convenient window. Check the on-hand quantity, how much is available, backordered, or even when the item was last shipped or received.

InOrder Inventory Warehouse At a Glance

If you need more details for the item at a specific location, you can drill-down to details, check units by cost or location, or see quantities printed, packed, picked, and in the warehouse.Compute Warehouse Quantity with InOrderThe Warehouse shows the sum of the quantity available for stock allocation, plus the quantity allocated to orders being picked, plus the quantity already picked and packed into boxes that are in the process of shipping.

Call us at 888- 667-7332 for more information about Inventory Management with InOrder, or to request a demo.


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Morse Data’s Mobile Web Uses Google’s Recommended Responsive Design

InOrder’s eCommerce module has been enhanced with a responsive design for mobile web using Google’s recommended responsive design pattern. This means that InOrder’s eCommerce web site adjusts to the sizes of all devices customers are using, naturally providing optimal presentation. A single cart functions for both PC and mobile, with a similar look and feel, regardless of device size, no longer requiring multiple web sites. This also means that your InOrder web site won’t be severely penalized in search results for not meeting Google’s responsive design recommendations.

Morse Data InOrder ERP Mobile WebInOrder’s mobile cart rated 100/100 for user experience according to Google’s ratings, and 91/100 for speed, which compared competitively better than Amazon (70/100), and another website using Magento’s web cart (52/100).

Customers with the InOrder eCommerce Module, the InOrder Mobile Cart add-on license, and Web Cart Upgrade Service will automatically receive this new version in time for the holiday shopping season. Other new features include image zoom, and easy linking to favorite social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp, RSS feed, and your own blog) so your customers can spread the word about your new site.

Contact Morse Data today for a demo of all the newest features.

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