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Avoid These 7 Dreaded Mistakes in Your eCommerce Store

eCommerceGoingShoppingOnlineOnline shoppers expect certain features. It’s easy to find web stores that provide everything they’re looking for, so you have to make sure you provide it too. Shoppers expect reviews, detailed information, fast results, and quick and easy checkout. And they want it wherever they happen to be and using whatever device they happen to pick up. Don’t make these mistakes in your eCommerce store.

Not asking for reviews – Shoppers expect reviews and like the reassurance they provide about the items they’re considering. If your eCommerce store doesn’t have them, you could be missing out on sales. Questions and answers are also common, and if your customers have questions of their own, they’ll check those too. If they can find the information on your website, they might order the item from another web store that has the answers they’re looking for.

Not having a good search function– Shoppers spend just seconds deciding whether to make a purchase. If they cannot quickly zero in on what they are looking for on your website, you may as well not sell it. When shoppers search for something specific, it means they know what they want, and they don’t want to work hard to find it.

No responsive design – If your site is not compatible with all devices, you could be turning your back on sales! Shoppers use a variety of devices to shop – mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. If they can’t easily navigate your site with whatever they happen to be using, they’ll leave. Welcome all shoppers into your web store by making sure it uses Google’s recommended Responsive Design plan, which automatically adjust to the sizes of all devices customers are using to provide optimal presentation without requiring multiple websites.

No communications – When shoppers leave items in their carts, messages with links to the carts can remind them or help guide them to checkout. A series of 2-3 messages at specific intervals provides subtle reminders that keep you in mind. A promotion code provides extra incentive to return and perhaps add a few more items to the cart before checkout.

No improvements – Make sure you stay on top of your eCommerce site. Give customers quality product, unique items, and keep your store fresh.

Slow page load times – Really, who wants to wait for any website to load? This is as important as getting quick search results, so make sure your website loads quickly.

Checkout is too complicated – If the checkout process requires customers to create an account, or if there are unexpected fees or high shipping amounts, shoppers might not complete the checkout process. Keep the checkout process simple and quick. Reveal all fees up front and show your shoppers the checkout flow to let them know what to expect. Keep it efficient with as few steps as possible. Giving customers an up-front shipping estimate, or the option to bypass registration (when appropriate) can eliminate some of the breakdown at checkout.

InOrder helps you avoid all of these mistakes, and more. Call us for a free demo to see what InOrder can do for your eCommerce business.

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What Shoppers Want – and Benefits for You

Today’s shoppers expect the best, and if you don’t provide what they expect, they’ll find another eCommerce site that will. Here are four things shoppers demand, and how they benefit your business by providing them.

What Shoppers Want and Benefits

Contact us for a free demo of how InOrder can help you provide what shoppers want.

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