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Track More Email Campaigns and Show Customer Service Reps More Detail

Tracking Email has always been a part of the InOrder Email Marketing Enhancement. Now it’s also part of Digital Delivery and Email Communications. In addition to Email Blasts, users of these Enhancements can also track activity resulting from sending Emails to customers for various order and promotional messages.

The functionality uses keycodes, tracking pixels, and URL references to record when a message is sent, the type of message sent, when the message is opened (open rates), and the number of visits to the web site resulting from the message (click-through rate) to measure conversions. This data can also be used to monitor when Email is not being opened, or when it results in a new recipient from a forwarded message. This is helpful for keeping mailing lists current, which is important for maintaining sender reputation. Used with InOrder’s capacity to enable shoppers to choose which Email they receive, this function can help increase the effectiveness of selected messages.

When a message has been sent, it is logged on the customer’s timeline, providing customer service reps more opportunity to enhance the service experience when a customer calls.

For more information about how this feature can help you measure your Email ROI, contact us at 888-667-7332 or

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ProLiteracy Relies on InOrder

Steph Hughes, one of Morse Data’s Implementation Specialists, recently had the pleasure of visiting ProLiteracy to assist with InOrder upgrades and training.

ProLiteracy was the first client to go live with InOrder in 1998. They rely on InOrder for memberships, inventory control, customer service, and web orders. The addition of InOrder’s Digital Delivery module will enable them to provide additional items via digital distribution.

ProLiteracy, located in Syracuse, New York, is helping to improve the world by providing programs that enable adults to learn how to read, write, do basic math, and use computers. Attributing crime, unemployment, and poverty to low literacy, ProLiteracy believes that adults can empower themselves to transform their lives by learning to read and write.

And they back up this belief with services to make this a reality. These include support and training for teaching adult learners, linking adults to literacy programs, providing an advocacy network for adult education programs, and conferences to address important issues facing adult literacy programs.

ProLiteracy also created the Ruth J. Colvin Center for Innovation and Excellence in Adult Literacy, which provides adult literacy resources to their community, as well as the National Book Fund (NBF) to provide books for students who can’t afford them. Additionally, ProLiteracy’s publishing division, New Readers Press (which also relies on InOrder for their weekly subscription fulfillment) provides instructional tools to teach essential skills to adults and older teens.

You can read more about ProLiteracy’s fight for a more literate society, including membership and donation opportunities, on their website.

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New Report for Web Customer Feedback Program

If you are using the Web Customer Feedback Program Module, you’ll be interested in the new report to see your statistics for a date range. The links in blue in the report allow one or more levels of drill-down that can be used to view and analyze your customer feedback. 

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InOrder’s Web Cart Delivers Fast and Accurate Search Results with Solr Search and Facet Filtering

We’ve done it again. Just when you think it doesn’t get much better – we make it better. Our Web Cart, that is. Now InOrder Web Cart users can give their customers top-of-the-line search capabilities with Solr Search and Facet Filtering.

Solr is a search platform from the Apache LuceneTM project. Its many advanced search capabilities include distinguishing between plural and singular search, recognizing common typos and finding results. And it can be used with Facet Filtering.

Facet Filtering is a powerful capability that helps customers fine tune their search results. It enables shoppers to make additional selections within search results based on their individual interests, eliminating the need to sift through many search results. Setup is minimal, and shoppers expect it.

These features provide shoppers with faster and more accurate search results, adding to our commitment to help our customers improve the shopping experience they deliver, while lowering costs and increasing sales.

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