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10th Annual Shopper Study Reveals Shopper Satisfaction and Trends for eCommerce

Pie ChartZebra Technologies published its 10th annual shopper study, which provides insights into the satisfaction and trends of today’s shoppers. The study provides insights for businesses as they plan their strategies for growth.

The study reveals that many of today’s shoppers are not satisfied with their shopping experiences – both in-store and online. Reasons include staff availability and knowledge, customer service, merchandise availability, and pricing.

The study tracks 10 years of shopper satisfaction, how mobile technology helps recover potential lost sales, leading causes of dissatisfaction, time shoppers spend in stores, and interest in new technologies.

Shoppers want store staff to use mobile devices to access discounts, products, shopper preferences and previous purchases. They want staff to be able to quickly find stock and answer their questions. Top reasons for shopping in-store and on-line are provided, along with a list of the store types they prefer.

Shoppers expect personalized offers and discounts, and demand fast delivery without extra costs. They also expect flexible purchase and delivery options, like buying online and picking up in the store.

Check out the study, and use this valuable information to help you make decisions for winning these customers and growing your business. Then contact us for a demo of how InOrder can help you implement the features so many shoppers demand.


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Security Process, Backup Plan, and Incident Response Plan are Key to Detecting Threats

What would you do if you had a payment glitch or a security breach? What if that glitch happened during a busy shopping season? Would your employees know what to do? If you have a response plan, good for you! Be sure to practice it. Having an incident response plan is essential to detecting and deterring threats. If you don’t have a response plan or backup plan, use this chart to begin planning one.Response Plan InfographicKeep up with your PCI DSS requirements, have a security process and an incident response plan, and train your employees on them.


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PCI Launches New Online Evaluation Resource for Small Merchants

Payment Card PictureIt can be complicated for any business to keep up with all the cyberattacks and payment fraud going on around us. It’s particularly tough for small merchants that are vulnerable to attacks. The PCI Small Merchant Task Force, launched in 2015, helps by providing educational materials to small merchants to address these threats. The PCI Small Merchant Taskforce has recently updated their “PCI Data Security Essential Resources for Small Merchants.” These resources include information to help protect customer payment data that can be downloaded, videos, easy to understand infographics, and recommended training. It also includes answers to frequently asked questions and access to additional resources, such as the PCI DSS 3.2 Quick Reference Guide and the PCI Blog.

In addition, another important resource for small merchants has recently been launched – an online tool to help evaluate how they address critical security risks. This tool helps small merchants see where they stand regarding safe payments.

PCI Security Standards are intended to increase payment data security, but they can be intimidating for a small merchant with limited resources. These resources can be helpful. Complete details are provided in the PCI SSC press release.


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