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Don’t be Scammed by a Bogus Request from your “Boss”

Be alert if you get an Email that appears to come from a high-ranking executive and contains a requests a transfer of funds.

This FTC article discusses how scammers are making big money posing as high-ranking executives requesting transfers of funds. These scams may even include Email hacking and phone calls from “The Boss.” The article also provides advice for protecting your company from this scam, including updating your procedures, and educating yourself and your employees.

Knowing when to verify requests for information is important – basically, whenever money or personal information is involved. Employee training is key. Educate your employees about this scam. Provide examples and advice on how to spot a fraudulent message. Also, educate your employees about other scams and methods used to trick them into sending money or personal information. Their tactics don’t stop at Email.

Dara Security offers these additional suggestions:

“For the most protection, if an email looks weird in anyway, follow up with the sender on the phone if you know them.  This is the easiest and most cost effective way.

However, accidents happen and there is technology that can help.

A Mobile Device Management solution is very helpful in alerting an administrator of a compromised device and limiting the malware activity.  Based on the type of mobile device in use and the mail system used, there are commercial products and in some case free products that may be part of your service if using a cloud-based email service like Google Mail.  Google Mail has MDM capability that can limit an intrusion, issue an alert, and allow one to shutdown access.  It can even allow for the disablement of the device if it is lost.”

It can be complicated for any business to keep up with all the cyber attacks and payment fraud going on around us, but you must be vigilant. Keep up with your PCI DSS requirements, have a security process and an incident response plan, and train your employees on them. A good ERP system can help with features such as fraud scoring, and it will support your PCI DSS efforts to keep your sensitive data safe.


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Increase Receipt Processing with InOrder RF

The InOrder RF communication system efficiently handles inventory through real-time inventory tasks, improving productivity and control for major warehouse functions.

One InOrder site reported that, after rolling out InOrder RF in their warehouse, the inventory receipt processing went from an average of 20 line items per hour to 55 line items per hour, per person, and is now 90% paperless. Some helpful tips include receiving products for many of their vendors that do not provide bar codes by printing a bar coded copy of the vendor PO to use during receiving, using dry-erase boards on their put-away carts, and reviewing a receipt variance report to expose and correct any discrepancies.

InOrder’s RF Communication System supports any internet-capable device. One option includes the Janam XT1 mini tablet, which uses the Android operating system. Another option uses the following configuration:  IPod Touch, 5-16 gb ($159, Ebay) with Honeywell Captuvo SL22 Enterprise Sled ($304, Ebay), and Dryrain Technologies’ Enterprise Browser for Captuvo® app ($99).

InOrder ERP RF

For more information about InOrder RF, please contact


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Inventory Barcodes are a Necessity – Label Your Products for Error Control and Quick Identification

Placing labels with barcodes on your products helps quickly identify them and can help prevent mistakes during picking, Point of Sale (POS), and physical inventory.

While inventory labels are usually produced when inventory is received into a warehouse, putaway, or transferred to a POS location, they can also be produced any time after a SKU is defined.

Four different types of inventory labels can be produced using the InOrder Inventory Labels Enhancement:

InOrder Inventory Label Samples

Label sizes are 2”x1” or 3”x1” and are printed with either of two fonts: the 3 of 9 barcode font (available with InOrder), or the Code 128 font from The ISBN label uses only the Code 128 font from

InOrder Font Samples

Fast and Efficient

Labels can be printed by SKU, by receipt, or by purchase order before receiving the items. Simply identify the label, the item, pricing information when applicable to the label, and the number of labels to print. The label can be identified, previewed, and printed from the same InOrder window.

InOrder Inventory Labels

For more information about the InOrder Inventory Labels Enhancement, contact

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Free Your Time with InOrder Batch Builder Enhancement

Many of InOrder’s functions can be scheduled to run automatically. This is usually done using SQL Server Agent, and can also be accomplished with third party job scheduling tools.

The InOrder Batch Builder Enhancement allows you to schedule several of InOrder’s more complex functions by creating a “Saved Session” consisting of selections and other settings, which can be recalled whenever you want to perform that task in exactly that same manner.

Following is a description of each function that can be run with the InOrder Batch Builder Enhancement:

Warehouse Forms Session – For preparing and/or printing picking or putaway batches.

InOrder ERP Warehouse Transaction Batch Session

List Creation Session – For generating periodic catalog mailing lists, outbound sales call lists, or Email marketing.

InOrder ERP List Creation Batch Session

Reorder List Session – For generating reorder lists to place POs with vendors.

InOrder ERP Reorder List Batch Session

Invoice Session – For reproducing printed, EDI, or Email invoices to customers.

InOrder ERP Invoices Batch Session

Saved sessions for these functions may also be recalled interactively and then processed, or used as a starting point for interactive processing.

For more information about the InOrder Batch Builder Enhancement, contact Morse Data Corporation.

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