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See InOrder WMS & OMS at IRCE 2018

In June, the InOrder Team is attending the IRCE in Chicago, which is the world’s largest eCommerce event.

If you’re looking for a leading ERP system with an integrated eCommerce platform, stop by our booth (783) and ask what InOrder can do for you.


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Protect Your Passwords to Protect Your Personal Data

It seems as though we hear about security breaches fairly regularly. They seem to be happening so often that I no longer want to pay attention when I hear about them. Unfortunately, that may be happening to many people. Sometimes it feels like a losing battle. But you can’t be complacent when it comes to your identity!

Sometimes personal data is compromized not because of what you do, but as a result of a security vulnerability at businesses that store it. Even if you’re careful, your information may still be at risk. So, only provide the minimum amount of information that is absolutely necessary to do business with them. And be aware of what information you provide to which businesses. This will help you recognize if you’re the victim of an attempted scam. Yes, your data is “out there,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your part to protect it.

Do your best to guard your passwords and the information used to maintain them (and your accounts). Avoid those entertaining little quizzes – you know the ones that tell you what your children will look like, or how long you will live, or what kind of person you are? Do you really think nice people put them in front of you for free just for your enjoyment? Those fun little coffee breaks are designed to get specific information about you. It may be a legitimate business gathering general information for marketing purposes, or it may be research for hacking purposes.  Think about it – when you answer questions like “What’s your favorite color?” or “What was your first pet’s name?” you may be providing answers to common security questions that you provide when you set up accounts. These little details may make it possible for someone else to change a password and lock you out of one of your accounts. I cringe when I see my friends and family post their results on Facebook, afraid of what details they might have provided to who-knows-who.

Here is a simple list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to passwords.


  • Change your passwords often – at least every 90 days.
  • Use strong/complex passwords, with a minimum length of at least seven characters, using both numeric and alphabetic characters.
  • Use a password manager or vault that encrypts your passwords.
  • Be aware of all the accounts you have, and what information is in them.
  • Use two-step authentication to sign in to your accounts. Using this method, a code is sent to your phone. Then you enter the code before you can sign in – even with the correct password.
  • Use a different password for each account.


  • Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts.
  • Don’t provide personal information to strangers.
  • Don’t share your password.
  • Don’t provide information to businesses unless it’s necessary.
  • Don’t use group, shared, or generic accounts and passwords.
  • Don’t use a password that is the same as any of the last four passwords you have used.

Knowledge is power – as tiresome as it may be, listen to all of the reports you can about security breaches. That information may help you protect yourself against future threats. Watch your credit card balances, keep track of your credit report, and especially – protect your passwords.

If you have additional advice for keeping your personal information safe, please add it here.


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How ERP Training Can Help Keep Your Warehouse Productive and Efficient

InOrder ERP Blue Duck LogoThere are many ways to improve warehouse efficiency. One way includes reducing costs with an efficient physical process, but processes can change over time. Your business is constantly evolving and improving, which could result in how your ERP system is used. It is beneficial for long-time software users to evaluate how they’re using their software and determine whether improvements can be made in their processes.

Equally as important as having the best technology is knowing what it can do for your business, and using it to continuously improve your workflows. Do all of your employees remember everything from the implementation training, or have they reverted to old processes? Do you have new employees who never received the initial training? Is your staff doing manual tasks that can be automated? If so, an Implementation Software Audit could improve efficiency and productivity in your warehouse.

Implementation software audits are valuable for reviewing processes that relate to how you use your ERP system. These Audits include reviews of your processes that relate to how you use the software system. At this time, employees who were trained during the original implementation can receive refresher training, and new employees can finally learn how to properly use the system.  Adequate training means the knowledge and support of your system is in the hands of qualified users. Implementation software audits may reveal shortcuts that were not being used, processes being done manually that can be automated, and functions, features, or optional modules that are not being used at all because nobody knew they existed. Instead, these functions are being performed manually, day in and day out, when your software could be doing them for you. This is also a good time to discuss any wish list items, and ask questions about new features that could solve some problems.

Getting the most from your ERP system means exploring, testing, and implementing new procedures and functions that maximize throughput, the use of your resources, and growth. To accomplish this, you must fully understand how the system works in your organization today, as well as other ways it can potentially be configured to be used more effectively. This especially becomes important when new versions of the system become available to you because they always include new capabilities, as well as improvements to existing functionality.

When it’s time to re-train on your ERP system, give us a call. Morse Data is committed to Continuous Process Improvement. Changes can get out of line, but we can help get them InOrder.


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Connecting with Your Customers – With or Without Your ERP System

InOrder ERP Blue Duck LogoCustomer Service covers many aspects of your business. It goes beyond your ERP system. It’s more than answering phones and taking orders. It’s more than describing your inventory items and showing pictures on your web store. It’s even more than educating your customers about your products or their industry.

Customer Service is also knowing what your customers care about to connect with them. You can connect with your customers in person by hosting events, meet-ups, or even contests.  You can also connect online with forums and groups.

If your business caters to car buffs who are passionate about modifications safety features, then maybe a Facebook group just for them is what you need to connect. If your customers love outdoor sports, then let them know about local events – or attend one with them. In some cases, you might even discuss topics not directly related to your business if they’re interesting to your customers. For example, are your customers interested in reading about why wolverines are so rare? If so, then you might highlight an article about what’s being done about it on your blog.

If your ERP system provides the capability, you can enable live crowd sourcing so your customers can provide feedback for products. You can even create your own form of social media, providing online forums or Q&A sections that allow customers to contribute.

Many shoppers appreciate information and online activities that involve what interests them. Keep them interested with education, participation, and fun. Use your own website for a gathering place, or find out where your customers go for online social activities, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Knowing what your customers care about helps you connect with them, and in turn, they might connect with you.

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