4 Email Marketing Messages Every ERP System Should Have

You know it’s critical to be able to communicate with your customers through your ERP system. You need to acknowledge orders, notify customers about shipments, approve returns, reset passwords, send digital products, and provide various services through Email messages. In addition to supporting your business, every ERP System should have Email Marketing capabilities that help you build your business. To let your customers know about new products and promotions, and to drive traffic to your website with newsletters, reminders, and other targeted marketing efforts via Email, make sure your ERP System can send these messages.

Welcome Messages

Welcome messages are sent to customers who create new accounts and can set the tone for your new relationship. They remind new customers of their basic account information that may be needed to return, such as their login information, customer number, etc. They are sent to thank new customers and announce any coupons, points, or other promotion for creating the account. Welcome messages may also contain links, discuss benefits of the company, privacy policies, customer support information, other promotional offerings, and more.

Abandoned Cart Email Series

These all-important messages can generate income for your business by converting lost revenue. Include a link to the cart so your customers can simply pick up where they left off. You can even offer promotion codes to encourage customers to complete their orders or add items to their carts.

A good practice is to send abandoned cart Emails as a series. For example, you can either define a series for Emails that are sent at specific time intervals and stop after the final Email is sent, or based on minimum/maximum delay settings until the maximum delay is reached.

Back in Stock Notification

Use these messages to drive traffic back to your site by notifying shoppers when items they want become available or promote related items as alternatives. A great ERP system will even receive requests directly from shoppers to let them know when an item is back in stock.

Email Blasts

Email Blasts distribute Email messages to members of a mailing list to advertise new products or upcoming sales, distribute newsletters, and more.

Other Considerations

Be sure to look for Email tracking as well. Tracking clicks and reads shows your customer services reps when a customer is interested in a specific offering or item. Other information related to customer contact is also tracked, such as orders, returns, inquiries, mailings, and call lists, and even your conversions so you know which promotions are the most successful. A great ERP system organizes all of these Email functionalities by customer and prospect, so customer service and list management functions can see and act on a clear and integrated timeline of events. This helps customer service reps provide first-rate, personalized service to your customers.

All of these Email functionalities are tracked by customer and prospect, so customer service and list management functions can see a clear and integrated timeline of events in one place.

When evaluating or setting up your ERP Email Marketing messages, be sure you can send text or html-based messages, or both, so you can reach all your customers where they want to be reached. Ideally, the system will have templates to get you up and running faster, and let you personalize your content for top-notch targeted marketing.

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