How ERP Training Can Help Keep Your Warehouse Productive and Efficient

InOrder ERP Blue Duck LogoThere are many ways to improve warehouse efficiency. One way includes reducing costs with an efficient physical process, but processes can change over time. Your business is constantly evolving and improving, which could result in how your ERP system is used. It is beneficial for long-time software users to evaluate how they’re using their software and determine whether improvements can be made in their processes.

Equally as important as having the best technology is knowing what it can do for your business, and using it to continuously improve your workflows. Do all of your employees remember everything from the implementation training, or have they reverted to old processes? Do you have new employees who never received the initial training? Is your staff doing manual tasks that can be automated? If so, an Implementation Software Audit could improve efficiency and productivity in your warehouse.

Implementation software audits are valuable for reviewing processes that relate to how you use your ERP system. These Audits include reviews of your processes that relate to how you use the software system. At this time, employees who were trained during the original implementation can receive refresher training, and new employees can finally learn how to properly use the system.  Adequate training means the knowledge and support of your system is in the hands of qualified users. Implementation software audits may reveal shortcuts that were not being used, processes being done manually that can be automated, and functions, features, or optional modules that are not being used at all because nobody knew they existed. Instead, these functions are being performed manually, day in and day out, when your software could be doing them for you. This is also a good time to discuss any wish list items, and ask questions about new features that could solve some problems.

Getting the most from your ERP system means exploring, testing, and implementing new procedures and functions that maximize throughput, the use of your resources, and growth. To accomplish this, you must fully understand how the system works in your organization today, as well as other ways it can potentially be configured to be used more effectively. This especially becomes important when new versions of the system become available to you because they always include new capabilities, as well as improvements to existing functionality.

When it’s time to re-train on your ERP system, give us a call. Morse Data is committed to Continuous Process Improvement. Changes can get out of line, but we can help get them InOrder.


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