Streamline EDI Transactions

We’re happy to announce that InOrder now supports many Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions, including sending and receiving:

  • Bills / invoices
  • Inventory prices, inventory status / quantity information, and inventory items
  • Purchase orders and order acknowledgements
  • Shipping notices and notices of orders with related invoices

The new EDI Enhancement can also import customer orders and transmit vendor purchase orders. With this Enhancement, you now have the fastest way possible to get orders into InOrder.

How it Works

The InOrder EDI Inbound functions allow communications between you and your Vendor Trading Partners.

InOrder ERP Software EDI Inbound

  • Receive inventory/status/quantity/pricing data.
  • Generate purchase order data and send it to your vendor partners for warehouse replenishment or for direct drop shipment to your customers.
  • Receive and record PO acknowledgements.
  • Receive invoices.
  • Plan ahead – Receive notice of expected shipments from your vendors.
  • Read carton license plate barcodes from vendors, to receive by carton using Advanced Ship Notices (ASNs) to determine carton contents.

The InOrder EDI Outbound functions allow similar communications between you and your Customer trading partners.

InOrder ERP Software EDI Outbound

  • Autopost drop shipments once confirmed as shipped by your EDI vendor partners.
  • Export inventory/status/quantity/pricing data to your customer trading partners.
  • Import shipment requests, drop shipment requests, and orders.
  • Transmit order acknowledgements to customer partners as orders are successfully imported, indicating allocated stock and/or backordering.
  • Transmit invoices and advance shipment invoice notices.
  • Print license plate labels during packing verification to affix on all shipping cartons. Use a built-in UCC128 label or create a custom ASN label.

You can also view each EDI purchase order or transaction from within the EDI Control Panel, reset or exclude a purchase order from a group, and view / resolve / reprocess errors.

InOrder ERP Software-EDI Errors

And finally, you can combine the EDI Enhancement with the InOrder Batch Builder Enhancement to schedule processes and receive or prepare data for transmission on your own schedule.

InOrder ERP Software EDI Control Panel

The InOrder EDI Enhancement communicates with the following EDI Service Providers:

SPS Commerce
Embassy Software
ACT Data Services
123 EDI
eZCom Software

Do you use EDI? What’s been your experience? Leave your comments.

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