Re-evaluate Your ERP System Before the Next Shopping Rush

It’s almost spring! Ducks will soon be chasing after their chicks and keeping them in line. In preparation for the day their eggs start hatching, they will be finding a safe place for them, building a nest, protecting it. They will be organized and efficient.

Just like those ducks that keep everything InOrder, you work hard for your business, protecting it and growing it to its full potential. You make sure you have a safe place to do business, quality products, and experienced customer service to build your reputation.

To keep the momentum, it’s beneficial for any long-time software users to evaluate how they’re using their software and determine whether improvements can be made in their processes. Your business is constantly evolving and improving, and your processes and ERP system must improve with your business. Spring is a great time for this – the holiday rush is over and it’s time to prepare for improvements before the next holiday. Here are some things to consider as you evaluate your ERP system.

Is your staff doing manual tasks that can be automated? With the right ERP system, you can automate tasks such as providing shipping and delivery estimates, recovering abandoned carts to increase your revenue, prompting customers to visit your website using your packing slips and receipts, or avoiding backorders resulting from high volume customers.

Are you getting the most out of your web cart? How fast can customers find your products? Your ERP system must be committed to helping you improve the shopping experience you deliver, while lowering costs and increasing sales. Customers want to quickly find what they want, track shipments with real-time order status, and personally manage their account information.

Are you using your ERP system to its fullest advantage? Equally as important as having the best technology is knowing what it can do for your business, and using it to continuously improve your workflows. Have your employees reverted to old processes? Adequate training means the knowledge and support of your system is in the hands of qualified users.

When it’s time to re-evaluate your ERP system, give us a call. Morse Data is committed to Change Management and Continuous Process Improvement. Changes can get out of line, but we can help get your ducks InOrder.

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