Post IRCE 2013 Reflections

Whew! IRCE always takes our breath away — the size, the people, the new products — and the absorbing everything we learned in a few short days. Here are a few thoughts from myself and Dan Guerra post conference.

45 Tips in 45 Minutes

Fifth Gear and MindWare delivered a great presentation featuring 45 tips for creating the ideal customer experience, which they grouped into four categories:

  • Make shopping painless
  • Engage in two-way conversation
  • Get order fulfillment right
  • Plan to achieve the IDEAL

You can view the presentation here — and take away some great tips.

IRCE 2013: 45 Tips in 45 Minutes for Creating the Ideal Customer Experience from Fifth Gear and MindWare

Prepare your website in advance of a REALLY BIG promotion

When a company or retailer promotes their goods or services on a popular show (e.g. Today Show), the resulting traffic to their site can crash it. Solutions include preparing for your promotion by optimizing your databases and/or increasing the number of servers in advance of the promotion. You can also find services that will allow you to use extra servers to help with the trafficking. (Or, just call Morse Data — we’ll help you properly configure your servers using SQL Server High Availability with Automatic Failover.)

Trends in website design

Changes to your website can greatly increase your website traffic. Instead of linking to your sub-pages from the home page, for example, you can include information from other pages on the home page. (However, you want to be careful with this one as research proves that people only skim info — so you don’t want to overwhelm them. See this great post from website usability guru Jakob Nielsen: Website Reading: It (Sometimes) Does Happen.)

Did you attend IRCE? What was your experience? What ideas did you come away with?

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