Offer These Services to Attract More eCommerce Shoppers

Businesses are making it easier and easier for shoppers to buy from them. One service that has grown in popularity and value for both businesses and shoppers is the ability to buy online and pick up orders from the store. This has become a common option, with a focus on convenience and speed. When shoppers pick up their orders, they may not have time to continue shopping. Instead, they want the pickup process to be easy, efficient, and fast. Some businesses simply have the orders ready at a common checkout counter, while others may provide a dedicated pickup area. Another option is to reserve an item online and then check it out or try it on in the store. If you’re considering theses services for your customers, be sure to include all of the following qualities:

  • Easy – Identify items that are available for this service so customers can find them in search results. When it’s time for  pickup, make sure it’s easy to find your pickup counter, even if it’s in the back of the store. If shoppers must search for a pickup counter, they may very well get frustrated enough to avoid it in the future.
  • Efficient – If customers wanted to go through the in-store shopping experience, they probably wouldn’t spend the time shopping online first. Don’t make them endure a lengthy process or long lines that include in-store shoppers. Instead, give them their orders quickly. If possible, designate a separate area to pick up online orders, where it will be easy to access and check out.
  • Fast – If customers are in a hurry, they need to get their orders and go. When convenience is important and you meet that need, chances are they’ll be back.

eCommerceGoingShoppingOnlineAnother option that is gaining popularity is outside pickup service, which allows customers to remain in their cars while you bring their orders to them. This service may include filling shopping lists, packing items, and loading cars. It is especially valuable to people in a hurry, parents with a carload of kids, people for whom it is difficult to shop, emergency purchases, and last-minute gifts. People taking advantage of these services could even shop online more often, so be sure your customers know about these options if you make them available.

You can also make an app available for mobile shopping and pickup arrangements. Restaurants and grocers have offered these services for years, providing same-day delivery and having orders ready at a drive-through.  Retailers are recognizing the value of these services for both themselves and their customers, and customers are embracing them.

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