IRCE 2015

IRCE in Chicago is always a great experience. It’s an opportunity to learn, meet new people, and connect with partners, like Endicia, Avalara, and Advanced Pricing Logic (just to name a few). Here are a few thoughts from Morse Data staff after the conference:

From Joe:

“My impression of IRCE was an “All-In-One” shop to find anything businesses would need relating to eCommerce. I found it to be an interesting opportunity to learn about what businesses need and how InOrder can help them. I also had the chance to visit every booth at the expo, and noticed that many exhibitors provided some of these features (shipping, or packing, or web carts, or warehouse management, etc.). But, like the IRCE, InOrder has everything integrated in one package. Businesses can buy the entire package with integrated solutions for eCommerce, inventory and warehouse control, RF, accounting, marketing, and more. Or they can start with a few basic modules and add more as they grow.”

From Adeel:

“Reflecting on the different exhibitions seen at the IRCE last week, it’s quite interesting that InOrder offers most of the capabilities that most enterprises might be interested in to streamline their operations. There were many booths at the IRCE from companies that specialize in software for specific areas that meet the needs of an enterprise. However, I think InOrder stands out as one solution that offers users a single platform for all their business operations. Having a centralized database for different types of transactions, including PO’s, Sales Orders, Accounting, Inventory Transactions etc., InOrder can make it easier for enterprises to streamline their operations. In addition to that, any discrepancies in the data at any part of the business cycle can also be efficiently identified and resolved.”

From Jackie:

“It was exciting to be at the IRCE 2015 in Chicago. I was fortunate to speak with both software vendors and show attendees. When discussing software, I was surprised to learn how many vendors offered “partial” solutions, yet they claimed to offer a complete package to their clients. I asked an eCommerce vendor, “How does your client know when to reorder inventory or send a PO to the vendor? The answer was that the software does not do that. Don’t get me wrong, they offered some slick eCommerce solutions, but they only focused on product marketing and taking web orders. I asked another competitor what they provided and again, I was surprised to learn they only cover desktop order entry and purchase orders.

When I spoke to show attendees, many times I heard how frustrated they were with managing multiple systems, and the lack of congruity.  For a company to function efficiently without losing precious data, time, and orders, an integrated system is required. One that handles their processes from start to finish: Order Management (Customer Service & Store), Warehouse Management and eCommerce all in one solution. I was thrilled to share with them that InOrder provided the integrated solution they were looking for.”

Do you notice a pattern to these comments? InOrder is a totally integrated, all-in-one solution for eCommerce, multi-channel merchants, publishers, and fulfillment service providers. Start with only the components you need, and add them as your business grows. Each new component is integrated with the existing ones.


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