InOrder Subscriptions Module

The InOrder Subscriptions module allows the same customer – in fact the same order – to have both subscriptions and regularly stocked items. This module also does full unearned-to-earned income accounting and has extensive renewal marketing capabilities, including various renewal testing scenarios. Membership accounting with special Membership Price Lists and earned / unearned membership dues is also supported.

  • The InOrder Subscriptions module allows you to sell subscriptions and memberships.
  • Sell issue-based subscriptions where customers are purchasing a number of regularly published issues.

Maintain Subscriptions

  • Supports the sale of term-based subscriptions or memberships where the subscriber will receive any issues published until their expiration date.
  • Deferred income tracking based on issues shipped or based on time until expiration.
  • Subscribers can request custom renewals using a credit card on file.
  • Subscriptions may be entered during regular order entry.
  • Send welcome issues and farewell issues, as well as unscheduled gift issues.
  • Gift issues do not accrue earned income.
  • Support for expiring a subscription and backstarting selected missed issues upon renewal.
  • Support for customer-specified backstart points when adding new subscriptions.
  • Supports renewal series, which is a sequence of letters and/or emails in an effort to solicit subscription renewals before and after subscriptions expire.

Renewal Series

  • Support for renewal series A-B testing and analysis.
  • Customer Service functions are provided for adjusting number of issues or subscriptions term or for price adjustment. In all cases, the earned and unearned income is adjusted as appropriate.
  • Supports grace issues with the ability to reclaim grace issue income if a renewal occurs.
  • Includes a print requisition function for forecasting number of issues required over the next several issues to be sent.
  • Includes the ability to group term subscriptions for combined issue mailing and for combined renewal effort and entry.
  • Subscription issues may link to physical products or to generic issue items.
  • Includes the ability to put subscriptions on hold after so many issues of non payment, with the ability to back start issues when payment is received.
  • The InOrder Subscriptions Module is included with the InOrder Continuity Module, and it may be purchased separately.
  • The InOrder Subscriptions Module integrates with InOrder Customer Service to view a customer’s active subscription and member statuses at any time. It also integrates with the InOrder real-time shopping cart, so customers may manage their own subscriptions.

For more information about the InOrder Subscriptions Module, contact Morse Data Corporation.


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