InOrder ERP Guides Pickers Through the Warehouse with RF Picking

We know that InOrder’s RF capabilities are impressive, like the fact that it supports any internet-capable device. As always, we’re constantly making improvements, and InOrder RF is no exception. We added RF functionality for Guided Picking, Guided Putaway, and Item Counts. Here is an overview of the new Guided Picking.

To generate guided picking tasks, orders are entered and printed according to the normal order processing procedure. Then warehouse shipments are quickly and efficiently batched / assigned to pickers by a Warehouse Manager.

On the [Warehouse Traffic] window, the Assign Tickets tab has been updated to accommodate the new RF functions and assign the tickets to pickers to begin immediately. The assignment process starts a timer that evaluates how long a picker works on the assignment.

Currently, the warehouse manager scans one shipment I.D. at a time to assign them to pickers. Alternatively, a new picking batch number already assigned to the batch may be entered. Optionally, a picking batch number may be used to group / batch orders to pick or putaway together.

Using customized Crystal Report forms, different processes for this can be conceived. For example, cart picking, when your cart summary includes peel-off shipment I.D. labels for each cart slot, allowing you to forgo printing pick tickets.

Warehouse Traffice Assign TicketsTickets may also be assigned in bulk to several different pickers using the Distribute Tickets feature. This feature is useful for assigning putaway tasks, or for picking with a Crystal Report that prints shipment I.D. labels by picker after they are assigned.

When RF transactions have been assigned / distributed, the RF personnel picks the batch by first scanning the barcode label of the bin from which an item is being picked, then the barcode label and quantity of the item. (One or more of these scans may be bypassed using security privileges.) Items are then Putaway to the packing area, where they may pack verified, if applicable.

For example, when you are picking an inventory transfer (e.g., using cart picking), you walk through the warehouse picking all the items in your batch. When you are done, you tell the system by putting the items away (e.g., a ‘pack’ bin for cart or batch picking).

Watch for future articles for more great RF features. But if you can’t wait, just call us and we’ll tell you all about it!

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