Customer Service Options for eCommerce

InOrderDemoeCommercePicYou know that exceptional Customer Service is critical. It can determine whether you get sales, good references, and future customers. You can use a variety of services to attract and keep your eCommerce customers, each with its own benefits. Here is a list of options and how they can be useful.

  • Email – Some people prefer to use Email, so be sure you can be reached this way as well as all of the others. Just as it’s important for customers to contact you, it’s also important for you to contact your customers. You can use Email to acknowledge orders, notify customers about shipments, approve returns, reset passwords, send digital products, promotions, and other targeted marketing efforts. Make sure to keep your mailing lists current, and allow shoppers to choose which messages they receive to increase their effectiveness. Use your ERP system to log messages that are sent, providing customer service reps more opportunity to enhance the service experience when customers call.
  • FAQs/Q&A – As people get more comfortable shopping with their devices, they need less personal contact less and less. This makes it more important for you to anticipate all the information they will need, such as answers to the most common questions  you receive. Providing this information with each item or service gives your customers the information they need make purchase decisions.
  • Phone – Too often, online businesses use Email as the only means of contact, or a phone number is not easy to find. If shoppers have a question about your business or products, or a problem navigating your site, make sure you can help without making them wait. Customer Service should always be at your customers’ fingertips. Make sure your customers can reach you immediately with any questions. Display your phone number where it can be easily and quickly seen. If shoppers have questions or problems navigating your site, make sure you can help without making them wait.
  • Social Media – Word of mouth can be the best form of reference. It can also be the worst. Whether someone is asking neighbors if they know a good plumber or roofer or telling neighbors about their plumber or roofer, personal experiences spread fast with social media. If your customers are on social media (or if you want to attract customers who are on social media), your business must be there too.
  • Community / Customer ParticipationReviews can increase sales by steering and bolstering confidence as shoppers are considering their purchases. If your ERP system provides the capability, you can enable live crowd sourcing so your customers can provide feedback for products. You can even create your own form of social media, providing online forums or Q&A sections that allow customers to contribute.

Clear communication and availability is critical in providing exceptional customer service to your eCommerce customers. Sometimes, something may happen to make a customer unhappy. Build your reputation as the business that responds appropriately and professionally.


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