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Customers appreciate when customer service reps are helpful and make sure they don’t miss anything. It saves customers time, frustration, and shipping costs.

One way to help your customers get everything they need is to provide helpful followup after a kit is ordered. When a customer needs a refill or a replacement part for a kit that was ordered a year ago, the Customer Service Rep needs only the original kit number to see all the components available with the kit.

InOrder ERP Customer Service Kit ComponentButtonEnter the item number. Before clicking the Go button to add the kit to the order, click the ellipsis button. This opens a list of all items in the kit to determine which part the customer needs.

InOrder ERP Order EntryThis window is also valuable for presenting a collection of items that may be only indirectly related so not sold as a conventional “kit.” For example, S’mores ingredients may include chocolate, crackers, and marshmallows. However, if a customer is buying these ingredients for a camping trip or a backyard pit fire, additional suggestions (such as firewood, roasting spikes, fire starting chips, and a CD with campfire music) may be very much appreciated. While you’re at it, you can even offer a variety of chocolate and marshmallows or sizes of firewood bundles to select, as shown in the next example.

InOrder ERP Customer Service Kit Item ReplacementWhile customers select only the items needed for the occasion, your Customer Service Reps can make sure they don’t miss anything.

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