7 Reasons You Need to Convert to the InOrder Web Store

Reason 1:
Credit card fraud is a major topic, and if you collect credit card payments, then PCI compliance should be on your radar. If your website is hacked, you could lose money, incur fines, and suffer public embarrassment. The InOrder system and default website is independently audited and tested regularly for PA DSS compliance and OWASP TOP 10 Vulnerabilities.

Reason 2:
With InOrder’s Ratings and Reviews page you can enable live crowdsourcing so your customers can provide feedback for products or product categories. In addition, you can enable product or category- specific on line forums or Q&A sections. Customer feedback can be auto-approved or held for review based on your criteria. Customer feedback can be viewed in customer Timelines or even viewed at the product level from the Inventory window or on your reports.

Reason 3:
InOrder’s SOLR search engine integration and Facet Filtering enhancements make it easier than ever for your customers to find the products they are looking for. Fixes you make in your main inventory database take effect on your website in real time, without waiting for cumbersome data feeds to occur.

Reason 4:
InOrder’s eCommerce module uses a responsive design for mobile web using Google’s recommended responsive design pattern. This means that InOrder’s eCommerce web site adjusts to the sizes of all devices customers are using, naturally providing optimal presentation. A single cart functions for both PC and mobile, with a similar look and feel, regardless of device size, no longer requiring multiple web sites. This also means that your InOrder web site won’t be severely penalized in search results for not meeting Google’s responsive design recommendations. In fact, we re-test and tune the web site regularly to make sure the best ratings possible can be achieved wherever possible as new releases are rolled out.

Reason 5:
Morse Data actively maintains and enhances the InOrder default cart. New releases come out regularly. Some InOrder Users re-customize their website based on the latest release. This approach is fine for customers who do not upgrade their website often, such as on intranet sites or static B2B order-taking sites. Others keep up to date by subscribing to Morse Data’s unique custom website upgrade service, where they can receive upgraded versions of their own custom website, which expose the latest new InOrder website features, but still integrate any in-house customizations that their IT staff has made since the last website upgrade.

Reason 6:
InOrder Email Communications Enhancement can immediately email customers to confirm orders they have placed. Customer Service can see these emails, and confirm if and when a customer opened them, right on the main customer service screen. InOrder Email Communications Enhancement also recaptures lost sales by sending out abandoned cart emails, forgot password emails, shipment confirmations, and email invoices. All of these customer contacts are recorded in the customer Timeline so that customer service can see what is happening with this customer.

Reason 7:
Website customers need to feel important. The InOrder eCommerce module is constantly improving page load times so customers can shop quickly without feeling like they are in line at a crowded department store. InOrder supports images that achieve the fastest load times, and Morse Data Support knows how to help you when setting up your pages and images to accomplish the best website speeds possible. InOrder also supports geographical caching, so your pages will load fast regardless of the country or continent the customers are shopping from.

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