5 Big Enterprise Management Challenges You Can Solve with InOrder

Enterprise management comes with unique business challenges. This article discusses five of those challenges, and how you can use InOrder to address them.

Problem – You buy too much inventory because you don’t know how much you need. If you order a million dollars in inventory and don’t sell it in a timely manner, your money is losing interest because it is tied up while inventory sits in the warehouse.

Solution – Reduce your perpetual inventory investment. Maybe you need to spend only $550 for inventory and still service your customers effectively. InOrder helps you track accurate inventory on hand, and track your demand to know how much inventory you need to keep on hand and when to order it.

Problem – There are a lot of mistakes and returns on orders, costing money for each return, or you can’t fill orders quickly enough, or you get them out quickly but they’re not accurate.

Solution – Increase your order processing throughput potential. This means maximizing your overall capacity to accurately take, process, and ship your orders. InOrder helps you fill orders quickly AND accurately, so overall throughput is increased, with the ability to fulfill orders the same day they are received with 100% accuracy.

Problem – You have high perpetual costs and inefficient processes.

Solution – Minimize your perpetual costs by maximizing your process efficiency throughout the organization. InOrder’s tightly integrated modules allow each employee to have the up-to-date information they need at their fingertips when they need it, and to reduce overhead, for overall time savings.

Problem – Customers can’t get what they need and are frustrated because they can’t communicate with you the way they need to.

Solution – Improve your partnerships with your customers and your vendors. InOrder’s integrated Email communications, integrated eCommerce functionality, and EDI modules allow you to get the most of your relationships with your retail and B2B customers and your vendors.

Problem – You can’t get the decision making information you need to market as effectively as you can.

Solution – Advance your marketing decision making to the next level using InOrder and SQL Server for state of the art decision making and data mining.

If you’d like to share your experience with other InOrder users, tell us how InOrder helped you solve a problem or improved a process.

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